DJ Rob Davis

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Weeknights (8pm - 9pm et)

Since 1983 Rob has played at many big parties & clubs in Sydney and around the world.

For the last 12 years, Rob has held a residency weekly at 
Arq - Sydney. He previously held a residency at "The Midnight Shift" for 22 years.


Rob has DJ'd at some of the biggest clubs in Australia and around the world including:  The Midnight Shift, The Oxford Hotel, Kinselas, Stonewall, The Albury, The Beauchamp, The Flinders, The Beresford, DCM, Club 77, The Stronghold, The Keep, The Paddington Green Hotel, The Barracks, Manacle, Bar Cleveland, Phoenix, Black Market, Gilligan's, The Exchange Hotel, The Unicorn Hotel, The Taxi Club, Jamison Street, Civic Hotel, Hunter's, Spike, Skygarden, The Metro, ARQ, Club Eleven, Ivy Pool/Main room, Green Park Hotel, The Bank Hotel (Harbour City Bears), Crane Bar.

Rob has also been featured at various events and parties around the world including:  Mr Drummer (Canberra), Tropical Fruits (Lismore), Grand Prix Pit Stop (Adelaide), Atlantis Recovery (Daydream Island), White Wolf (Brisbane), Red Raw (Melbourne), Back Door (Melbourne), Dance Party (Katoomba), Sleaze Ball (Brisbane), Redemption (Melbourne), Noosa Oasis (Noosa), GRUNT (Fortitude Valley, QLD), Mardi Gras (90, 91, 92, 95, 2017), Sleaze Ball (92, 94, 95, 99 & 05) , Toybox, Luminere, Frisky, Harbour Party (pre-Mardi Gras), Azure, Paradise Garage, Pride, Hand In Hand, BGF NYE, Bent, Sweatbox, RATs, Inquisition, Indulgence, Woof Club, Leather Pride, Harbour City Bears, Apollo, I Remember House (IRH).

Overseas Dance Parties have included:  Black And Blue (Montreal - '98 &'99), Dance On Los Angeles (LA), Wild Life T-Dance (San Diego Zoo), Time Party (San Francisco), Real Bad VIII (San Francisco), X-Calibur (LA), Boys On Boxes (LA), Winter Storm (LA), White Party (Palm Springs), Dance On Andreas (Palm Springs), IndepenDance (Miami), Pollen8 (Auckland), Devotion (Wellington), ReUnion (San Francisco), Viva Las Vegas (Las Vegas), Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (Minneapolis), Maneuvers (LA), Colosseum (Orlando DisneyWorld).

Rob has also DJ's on several Cruises featuring:  Atlantis Alaska, Atlantis Mediterranean, and Atlantis Caribbean.